Industrial Cleaning Solutions with Salla 350

Battery powered floor cleaning machine

What is the Salla 350?


The Salla 350 is a very tough battery powered walk behind hard floor cleaner. Featuring a unique multi-purpose design the Salla 350 can actually be transformed in seconds to operate as either a walk behind floor scrubber, walk behind floor sweeper or a portable wet/dry vacuum. Designed with a ¼ inch steel chassis and rotational moulded tanks the Salla 350 is constructed extra tough to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Twin  contra-rotating 350mm cylindrical brushes also enable the Salla 350 to effectively and efficiently clean all hard floor surfaces including polished concrete, sealed concrete, vinyl, tiles, checker-plate and non slip safety floors. In fact the Salla 350 has cleaning efficiency rating of up to 1400m²/h.

With a Salla 350 you can say goodbye to the old labour intensive broom, vacuum and mop & bucket.



Industrial Cleaning Solutions with Salla 350
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Industrial Cleaning Solutions with Salla 350 Industrial Machine

Where is the Salla 350 used?

With such high efficiency and an extra durable design the Salla 350 is ideal for use in medium sized demanding environments. Current customers of the Salla 350 include medium sized factories and warehouses, small shopping centres, engineering plants, food processing facilities and prisons. The Salla 350 battery floor cleaner is also extremely popular in indoor swim centres and flood prone areas.

Unique Features of the Salla


Exchangeable Battery Feature in Salla 350  

Exchangeable Battery


Batteries can be swapped within seconds allowing for the machine to run 24 / 7 with multiple batteries.  No more cords!
  InBuilt Battery Charger in Salla 350 Machine  

In built battery charger


No need to transport a separate battery charger.  The salla has a built it battery charger.
Salla 350 Transforms within seconds to Sweeper from Scrubber  

Transforms within seconds


Within seconds the Salla transforms from a floor scrubber to a portable wet and dry vacuum
  Counter Rotating Brushes in Salla 350  

Counter rotating brushes


Twin counter rotating brushes at 900 rpm flick the dirt straight up from your floor.
Wide Rear Squeeqee in Salla 350  

Wide rear squeegee


The 710mm wide rear squeegee makes light work of the largest areas
  Easy to use controls feature in Salla 350  

Easy to use controls


The easy to use control panel is user friendly with ignition key and battery level indicator


Cleaning Applications with Salla 350 Industrial Machine


Included Accessories

Twin Battery Pack
Battery Charger
Twin Cylindrical Brushes
Dry Vacuum Filter

Advantages of the Salla 350

•    3 machines in one - floor scrubber, sweeper and wet/dry vacuum
•    Industry proven and tough, virtually indestructible ¼ inch steel chassis
•    Complete freedom of battery operation - no tripping over or tangled cords
•    Continuous full operation battery life of +2 hours and onboard battery charger
•    Sweeper function picks up fine particles and heavier medium sized particles
•    Vacuum can be separated from the main body of the machine for convenience
•    Replaceable slide in battery packs for when you need to work longer

How the Salla Transforms

Salla Transformation from Scrubber-Dryer to Sweeper

Within seconds the Salla transforms from a scrubber – dryer to a sweeper.  Simply unclip the water / detergent tank (1), lift up the vacuum unit (2) and insert the vacuum nozzle (3).  The wet / dry vacuum unit can be separated from the unit and when combined with the optional accessory kit becomes a portable wet/dry vacuum with a 10m radius.

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