Ultimate steam cleaner with detergent injection and wet vacuuming


Industrial Cleaning Solutions with Jetvac Maxi 8 bar

What is the Jetvac Maxi 8 Bar?

The JetVac Maxi 8 Bar is the ultimate mains powered cleaning solution for anywhere requiring high quality steam cleaning and wet vacuuming. Producing impressive +180°C superheated 94% dry steam vapour under 8 Bar pressure, the JetVac Maxi also combines detergent injection and simultaneous wet vacuuming to make light work of even the toughest cleans. Not only will a JetVac Maxi 8 Bar provide outstanding cleaning results on all services, but it will also save the operator lots of time, water, chemical and physical effort.

Other advanced features of the JetVac Maxi 8 Bar include a super strong patented 5Lt TIG welded stainless steel boiler, ‘True Temp’ precise automatic boiler refilling technology, self cleaning heating elements, 5 multi-safe protection systems, high efficiency 28W/cm² interchangeable heating elements, heavy duty hose connections, durable rotational moulded outer casing and finger tip controls.



Industrial Cleaning Solutions with Jetvac Maxi 8 bar
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Where is the Jetvac Maxi 8 Bar used?

With impressive 8 bar performance and a large tool kit as standard, the JetVac Maxi 8 Bar can be used anywhere with mains power supply to clean just about anything. A JetVac Maxi 8 Bar is an ideal complete cleaning solution for industrial and food processing environments to clean floors, walls, ceilings, windows, kitchens, stainless steel bench tops, equipment, machinery and much more.

Unique Features of the Jetvac Maxi 8 Bar


180 degrees superheated dry steam produced by Jetvac Maxi 8 bar  

180°C Dry Steam

180C 94% Dry steam will cut through the hardest to clean areas with ease

  8 bar Pressure produced by Jetvac Maxi 8 bar  

8 Bar Steam Pressure

Powerful 8 bars of steam pressure is produced from the Jetvac Maxi steam machine
24-hour continuous steam with refills and less downtime using Jetvac Maxi 8 bar  

Continuous Steam

The large water tank and boiler allows the machine to run continuously, with minimum water refills.

  Large 11 litre water capacity tank in Jetvac Maxi 8 Bar  

11 Lt Water Capacity

Large 4 lt water, 2 lt chemical reservoirs and 5 Lt boiler takes the Jetvac Maxis water storage to a 11 litres.
Wet and Dry Vacuum with less downtime in Jetvac Maxi 8 bar  

Wet / Dry Vacuum

The Jetvac Maxi has a 14 Lt Wet / Dry vacuum drum allowing lengthy cleans with less downtime to empty.
  Water or Chemical Injection in Jetvac Maxi 8 bar for deep cleaning  

Water /Chemical Injection

The twin tanks on the Jetvac Maxi contain water or chemical, allowing the deep clean of many surfaces and flushing with hot water / chemical injection.


Included Accessories

KIT JULY – 5m heavy duty Steam Hose with 12v Control & Brass Fittings, 2 dual lock Extensions, Rectangular Floor Brush, large Triangle Brush, Window Cleaner, Steam Lance, Scrapper, 5 detailing brushes and Plunger.
4m heavy duty steam vac hose with 12v controls & Brass Fittings, 2 dual lock Extensions, Floor Tool with 1 x dual Squeegee Insert and 2 x Squeegee/Brush Insert, Steam Lance and 2 detailing brushes.

Advantages of the Jetvac Maxi 8 Bar

•    +180°C dry steam sanitises most surfaces on contact
•    Penetrates textile fabric and into hard-to-get-to areas
•    Dissolves dirt, grease, grime and soap scum with ease
•    No mess or excess moisture due to 94% dry steam
•    Detergent injection for even faster cleaning results
•    Automatic boiler refilling enables unlimited steam
•    Simultaneously steams and vacuums surfaces  
•    Heavy duty hose connections with brass inserts


Technical Specifications for Jetvac Maxi 8 Bar:


Jetvac Maxi 6 Bar

Jetvac Maxi 8 Bar

Pressure 6 Bar 8
Steam Boiler 1.5Lt Stainless Steel 1.5Lt Stainless Steel
Steam Temperature 165°C 180°C
Continuous Steam Yes Yes
Hot Water Injection Yes Yes
Water Storage 11Lt 11Lt
Chemical Injection Temp 125°C 125°C
Recovery Vacuum Drum 14Lt 14Lt
Machine Weight 35kg 35kg
Max Power 3650 W 3650 W



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