How to Clean Industrial Floors

Cleaning industrial floor surfaces is usually a very time consuming task given the large physical size and amount of soiling. Generally industrial floor surfaces consist of hard surfaces like sealed concrete, expoxy painted concrete, saftey vinyl and checkerplate; but there are also some softer rubber safety surfaces like Regupol.

Another common issue with cleaning industrial floors in factories and warehouses is the use of outdated methods. All too often companies are having their workers clean large areas of industrial floor by traditional hand methods with a hose, broom and squeegee. This is time consuming, requires a lot of physical effort, waste water and does not produce very effective results.



Ideal Duplex cleaning products for industrial floors

Salla MaxThe Salla 500 Max floor scrubber is ideal for cleaning of most industrial floor surfaces in factories and warehouses. The Salla 500 Max is a walk behind, battery powered, dual cylindrical brush, multi-purpose floor cleaner that can be used as either a floor scrubber, sweeper or portable wet/dry vacuum. Therefore you don’t get one machine; you get three machines in one. Better still it's built tough.

Although the Salla 500 Max is only a medium sized machine it has a wide 500mm cleaning and large capacities. In fact these capacities in conjunction with walk behind battery powered operation provides the Salla 500 Max with a cleaning efficiency rating of 1500sqm/h. Given it has a +2hr battery life a lot of cleaning can be completed in a short amount of time. (Also see Salla 350 & Salla Steam).



How to clean industrial floors with a Salla

The method for cleaning industrial floors with a Salla 500 will vary depending on the amount and type of soiling. The type of brush may also change with different floor surfaces or soiling. Lightly soiled floors can be cleaned efficiently in single passes and heavily soiled floors may require a flood & scrub technique.

Lightly Soiled - With lightly soiled flooring the Salla 500 can be used as a scrubber dryer to simultaneously scrub a floor and extract the residue. Do this by having the water, brushes and vacuum running at once. The result is clean and dry floors in a single pass. The most efficient way to clean is also in long laps.

Heavily Soiled - For heavily soiled areas it is best to apply the flood & scrub technique. This requires using the Salla 500 in small areas with the water on and brushes on, but the vacuum off. By having the vacuum off water remains on the floor surface allowing the heavy soil to be broken up more efficiently by the brushes. Once the floor looks clean, turn on the vacuum to extract the dirty slurry. After doing a flood & scrub it is a good idea to rinse.

Greasy Soil - When cleaning greasy soiling with a floor scrubber use either citrus detergents or degreasers with flood & scrub technique. These can be either put in the clean solution tank or sprayed straight onto the floor. Generally pre-spraying detergents straight on to the floor can be more efficient. This is because water can be used in the machines clean solution tank to rinse remaining detergent residues off the floor.

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