Ferrari Sweeper - Battery powered floor cleaner


Ferrari Sweeper - Battery powered floor cleaner

What is Ferrari Sweeper?

The Ferrari floor sweeper range of six various sized models of walk behind battery powered floor sweepers. The combination of walk-behind battery powered operation makes the Ferrari sweeper range very efficient and ideal for fast easy sweeping of medium to large sized areas like warehouses, factories, car parks and hall ways.

Garden Backyard Cleaning with Ferrari SweeperFactory Cleaning with Ferrari Sweeper

Being electrical powered, the Ferrari floor sweepers are very quiet and ideal for indoor applications as they are extremely quiet and pollution free. Better still, the Ferrari battery powered floor sweeper range is well priced for budget conscious customers and will save money in the long run compared with



Ferrari Sweeper
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Unique Features of the Ferrari Sweeper

Sweeping Width in Ferrari Sweeper  

Sweeping Width

The Ferrari range of battery powered floor sweepers are available with total sweeping widths from 400mm to 1100mm depending on the model. The most popular model is the F403 which has a total sweeping width of 700 mm and a sweeping efficiency rating of 3000sqm/h. This is over 7 times faster than a broom and creates a lot less mess.


Battery Powered Operation  

Battery Powered Operation

  • Long lasting 12V DC battery
  • Ideal for indoor use as no nasty fumes
  • Built in automatic electronic battery charger
  • Built in cable - Just plug it in to charge
  • Battery Charge status signalled by lighting system

Provides the freedom to operate indoors or outdoors.

Manoeuvrable Operation in Ferrari Sweeper  


Ferrari sweepers are highly manoeuvrable and extremely easy to physically use.

  • 175mm diameter wheels with anti slide wide tread and stainless steel rollers make the Ferrari range extremely easy to move.
  • Steel fold down adjustable handle
  • Light and easy to handle


Adjustable Sweeping Brooms  

Adjustable Sweeping Brooms

Ferrari floor sweepers all have tool-free fully adjustable main and side brooms to adjust pressure.

  • Tool Free Adjustment & Assembly
  • Provide more pressure on profiled floors
  • Lower brooms as they wear with age
  • Main broom adjustable to 5 levels
  • Side broom has micrometric adjustment
  • Lower pressure allows sweeping of carpet




Faster, Cleaner & Easier


Compared with manual sweeping by hand, the Ferrari floor sweeper range will:

  • - Save hours on floor sweeping time on a weekly basis;
  • - Provide a much better sweeping result by removing more dust;
  • - Prevent dust re-entering the air that could damage stock or cause allergies; and
  • - Reduce potential repetitive strain back and shoulder injuries to your staff.



Technical Specifications of the Ferrari Sweeper



Ferrari F402

Cleaning Width (mm) 700 mm
Battery Power 12
Motors Separate motors
Battery Charger Built in
Drive Manual
Bin Capacity 38 Litres
Filter Panel Filter
Edger Steel Edger


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