Battery Powered Walk Behind Floor Scrubber with Wet/ Dry Vacuum Attachment


What is the Batvac?


The BatVac 50 is a fully battery powered walk behind wet/dry vacuum cleaner. With the combination of walk behind operation, a 730mm vacuum path, 3.5 hour vacuum battery life and a 50 litre vacuum recovery drum vacuuming of large floor areas has never been so easy. Being battery powered you’ll also never have to worry about the restrictions or hazards of electrical cables either. Instead the BatVac 50 walk behind battery vacuum can be operated freely for up to 3 hours with a cleaning efficiency of 1800m²/h.

For the hard to reach non floor areas like shelves or under benches, the BatVac 50 also has an additional wet/dry vacuum kit. This kit contains a long stretch hose, 2 extension wands, dry floor tool, wet floor tool, crevice tool and a brush/upholstery tool.


Where is the Batvac used?

With such impressive performance the BatVac 50 battery vacuum cleaner is ideal for large facilities and areas prone to flooding. Users of the BatVac 50 include factories, warehouses, shopping centres, food processing plants, tennis clubs and swim centres.

Batvac 50 Wet and Dry Cleaner
Quote for Batvac 50 Wet and Dry Cleaner Demo for Batvac 50 Wet and Dry Cleaner



Unique Features of the Batvac


Extra Wide Squeeqee in Batvac 50 Wet and Dry Cleaner  

Extra Wide Squeegee


The large 730mm squeegee makes short work of removing dirt and liquids from the largest areas.
  Extra Large Wet / Dry Vacuum in Batvac 50  

Extra Large Wet / Dry Vacuum


The Batvacs removable extra large 50 lt vacuum drum allows for easy emptying.

On Board Battery Charging in Batvac 50 Machine  

On Board Charging


The Batvac has an on board charger, simply plug the entire unit into the mains to charge

  Fully Battery Operated in Batvac 50 machine  

Fully Battery Operated


The Batvac is powered by recharagble batteries allowing it to manoeuvre in restricted areas, without the need for cables.


 Included Accessories

Onboard Battery Charger
Wet/Dry Vacuum Kit
(Hose, PVC extensions & 4 tools)
Dry Vacuum Cloth Filter

Advantages of the Batvac

•    730mm vacuum path for super efficient results;
•    Industry proven and tough, virtually indestructible;
•    Continuous full operation battery life of over three hours;
•    Comes with a large variety of tools for many vacuuming jobs;
•    Complete freedom of battery operation - no hazards of electrical cords;
•    Vacuum cleaning efficiency rating of 1800m²/h.

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