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Batvac 50 Steam Vacuum Cordless Machine

What is the Batvac 50 Steam?

The Batvac 50 Steam is a combination of ASP50CAB an industrial powerfull wet and dry vacuum cleaner, specially designed to quick vacuum large flooring areas and the backpack STEAM CLEANER, a multi-purpose professional steam cleaner with continuous steam system and detergent injection function.



Where is the Batvac 50 Steam used?


Batvac 50 Steam is used in public areas such as schools, kindergardens, swimming pools, factories and laboratories. Adding a self-independent steam unit allows operator to easily deep clean with steam using its professional attachements and sanitize any surface. Ideal for swimming pool cleaning where can vacuum water around the pool and dry the floor quickly and reasy with its 50 liter recovery tank. A special pipe placed at the side of the unit can discharge the collected water easily. At the same time, by simply connecting the flexiblse steam hose it is possible to sanitize showers, toilets, or do tile grout cleaning, window cleaning, etc. Another cleaning application where can well fit is sporting center areas, bars, wellness center but also ideal for car dealers, car repair shops, tyre shops, etc.

This new appliance is very versatile and can well fit any small-medium size businesses. In the car wash business for example it is possible to steam wash car exterior but at the same time vacuum clean the interiors.

Batvac 50 Steam Cordless Machine
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Batvac 50 Steam Cordless Machine



Unique Features of the Batvac 50 Steam


Extra Wide Squeeqee in Batvac 50 Steam  

Extra Wide Squeegee


The large 730mm squeegee makes short work of removing dirt and liquids from the largest areas.
  Extra Large Wet Dry Vacuum Capacity in Batvac 50 Steam  

Extra Large Wet / Dry Vacuum


The Batvacs removable extra large 50 lt vacuum drum allows for easy emptying.

On Board Charging in Batvac 50 Steam  

On Board Charging


The Batvac has an on board charger, simply plug the entire unit into the mains to charge

  Fully Battery Operational in Batvac 50 Steam  

Fully Battery Operated


The Batvac is powered by recharagble batteries allowing it to manoeuvre in restricted areas, without the need for cables.
Strong Cast Alloy for Batvac 50 Steam   The strong cast alloy squeeqee allows maximum coverage for water suction/removal.   On Board Battery System in Batvac 50 Steam   Each unit comes standard with an on board battery charger (photo 2) that can be plugged in where a power outlet is available



Included Accessories

Onboard Battery Charger
Wet/Dry Vacuum Kit
(Hose, PVC extensions & 4 tools)
Dry Vacuum Cloth Filter
Accessories for Batvac 50 Steam

Advantages of the Batvac 50 Steam


  • The strong cast allow squeeqee allows for maximum water suction and removal.
  • Battery Powered, no wires
  • Doubles as a steamer


Technical Specifications of the Batvac 50 Steam



Batvac 50

Voltage 24V D.C
Vacuum Motor (V/M) 550W
Batteries (N²/V/Ah) 2/12V/70A
Battery Charger (V/Ah) 24V/12A
Water Lift (mm) 1300mm
Air Flow (l/sec) 32 l/sec
Capacity (l) 50 lt
Machine Weight (kg) 30 kg

Battery Weight (kg)
48 kg
Frontal Squeegee (mm) 730 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 73 x 85 x 100 mm


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